How to make a Simple Flower Pot

Here are some instructions on how to make a simple flower pot like the ones that I am making for favors at my wedding.  I needed a design that was simple and easy to mass produce.  I just changed the textures on them to keep it interesting.  I am using a low fire talc body. At your clay store ask for a white earthenware or sometimes people call it a modeling clay.  The clay is very easy to model but it also dries out very quickly and becomes hard to work with.  So work quickly!

I use a wood modeling tool, kitchen paring knife, needle tool, metal rib, slip, and a template made of old linoleum for this project.

 Pound out about a handful of clay and then roll it out on your slab roller.  If you don't have a slab roller use a rolling pin and two even thickness flat sticks.  By placing the clay between the sticks and rolling on top of the sticks you will ensure that you get a slab with even thickness.  I roll the slab out until it is a little wider than 1/4 inch.  Make sure to rotate the slab between each roll to ensure it gets wider in every direction.

 To create some texture I lay a piece of burlap fabric over the slab and ran it through the roller again.  You could also use corrugated cardboard, leaves, lace, or whatever else you have on hand.
 Here is the slab rolled out to 1/4 inch with the texture.  I now take my linoleum template and use it to cut the clay.  The shape is slightly curved so that when the piece is made into a circle it will sit flat.  Save the extra clay for the bottom of the pot.
Make sure when you are cutting the edges that will be joined to cut them at an angle.  This will give you more surface area for attaching. The angles should both be cut in the same direction so that one angle faces out to you and the other faces the board you are working on.

Shape the slab.  Use your needle tool to score (make deep scratches) the angled edges.  Again you are creating more surface area for attachment.  I use a needle tool instead of a serrated rib because I think it works better to make deeper marks in the clay.

Put slip on both edges and press the edges together.  Use the modeling tool to compress the attached edge on the outside and inside of the pot.  You can use the sharp end to clean up any extra slip.

 Use the extra part of the slab to cut out a bottom piece. Leave a little extra room when cutting the bottom piece.  Score and slip both sides before attaching.
 Use the smooth rib to compress the attachment.  I also use the rib to make the bottom concave.  This will help it to sit flat.  Plus it looks nice.
 I then take the rib and smooth the extra clay up around the bottom edge.
 Make three little balls to create buttons.  Score and slip,  then press into the pot.  I like to press them in to where it leaves indentions in the pot.
 I use the edge of the modeling tool to press into the center of the buttons, just cause I like the way it looks.  You can leave them be if you like.
 Here is one when it is just finished next to one that is bone dry.

Here is one that is finished!

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